sabel is in residence at NINETY ONE BRICK LANE.
we’re NOW SERVING LUNCH. evening menu to follow



Ogalshield cheese and ham hock toastie, gherkins

Ogalshield cheese and English
mustard toastie, pickled cabbage


From the counter

Grilled pink fir potatoes, caraway,
green onions and lovage

Pears, radicchio, heritage carrots and chestnuts

Roast cauliflower, red onion, parsley

Miso baked artichoke, sesame and kale

Griddled courgettes, oregano, peppers , fennel


From the kitchen served with two salads

Red onion, rosemary and keen cheddar tart

Chicken cooked with cider,
leeks, sage and hazelnut



Autumn minestrone, roasted spelt and kale pesto

+  Half an Ogalshield cheese toastie